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Benefits of Hiring a North Dakota Tree Service

North Dakota's extreme weather patterns demand robust tree care. Certified arborists diagnose issues in oak, maple, ash, and more. Strategic pruning strengthens branches against storms. Removals prevent disease spread. Their expertise maximizes safety and longevity.

Common North Dakota Tree Services

  • Tree Removal - Extract dead, diseased, or storm-damaged trees
  • Pruning - Improve structure and remove hazardous limbs
  • Stump Grinding - Eliminate leftover stumps after removal
  • Pest Control - Treat infestations like emerald ash borer
  • Fertilization - Optimize nutrients based on soil testing

Average Costs of Tree Services in North Dakota

Service Average Cost
Basic Tree Trimming $175
Medium Oak Removal $425
Large Tree Removal $825
Stump Grinding $100 per stump

Prices vary based on tree size, location, and service extent

Hiring a Reputable North Dakota Tree Company

  • Verify ISA-Certified Arborists on staff
  • Review Insurance like workers' comp
  • Check Customer Reviews online
  • Get Multiple Quotes to compare pricing
  • Ask for Local References to contact
  • Understand Service Contracts before signing
  • Communicate your specific needs


Keep your North Dakota trees strong against weather extremes with professional maintenance from certified arborists. With attentive services, your trees will thrive for generations.

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