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Looking for reliable and affordable tree service? We can provide you with the following services: 

Professional Tree Service in Medford, NY

Are you too focused on your indoor spaces and neglecting the potential of your outdoor areas? Whether you lack the time or expertise to manage the unruly trees and shrubs on your property, Tree Services US has the perfect solutions for you. With our extensive experience and dedication to enhancing the safety and beauty of our customers’ properties, we stand as your reliable tree company in Medford, NY.

The Importance of Tree Care

While trees can thrive on their own, there are compelling reasons why people turn to our tree services, with safety being a top concern. Weak or dying limbs can pose risks, causing damage to property, neighboring areas, and even people. Diseased sections of a tree can spread infection, weakening the entire tree and its surroundings. Fortunately, our experienced tree contractors possess over a decade of knowledge, ensuring safe limb removal without harming the tree or its environment.

Residential Tree Service

Our skilled arborists prioritize safeguarding your property and its surroundings. During our initial assessment, we identify potential hazards and access challenges, forming an integral part of our risk evaluation. Equipped with cutting-edge tools and techniques, we perform tree work with a focus on safety and professionalism.

Commercial Tree Service

We take pride in offering specialized services to commercial properties throughout the area. Commercial tree care demands qualified tree surgeons, specialized skills, and proper equipment – all of which we provide. Our modern equipment is regularly maintained to ensure safe, timely, and budget-friendly operations. We evaluate work sites for accessibility and risks during initial consultations and help our corporate clients uphold aesthetic standards.

Tree Removal

We work with residential and commercial clients to identify trees in need of removal.

Addressing the issue of dead or dying trees promptly is crucial to prevent potential complications. Failing to take action could lead to costly damage and repairs for your home, along with various other concerns.

Potential Issues for Your Property and Residence Include:

  1. Risk of Falling Branches or Trees: A dead or ailing tree lacks stability and is prone to shedding branches easily. During adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain or strong winds, there's a significant risk of these branches or the entire tree falling onto your home or property, resulting in substantial damage.

  2. Rapid Disease Transmission: Ailing trees can rapidly transmit diseases to other nearby plants and trees. Neglecting to address the problem swiftly with one tree can escalate into a more extensive and challenging issue affecting the entire landscape.

  3. Escalation of Pest Problems: Deceased trees become inviting habitats for insects and wildlife. To avert the potential for infestations, it's essential to promptly remove sick or dead trees.

By taking timely action, you mitigate the risk of property damage, disease spread, and pest intrusion. Ensure the safety and health of your property by promptly addressing the removal of dead or dying trees.

Stump Removal

Unsightly tree stumps can mar your property's appearance. Our professionals offer stump removal to ensure your outdoor area remains attractive and healthy.

When hiring us for your stump removal needs, rest assured that our skilled team employs advanced techniques and cutting-edge machinery to ensure a flawless outcome. Our commitment to excellence guarantees that the job is handled with precision and efficiency.

For most stump removal projects, our approach involves utilizing a specialized grinding wheel to grind down the stump and its underlying roots. This process thoroughly eliminates the stump, leaving behind wood shavings and chips. These remnants can be repurposed by homeowners or, if preferred, efficiently removed from the premises.

In certain cases, smaller stumps can be extracted using shovels and chainsaws, bypassing the grinding process altogether. To determine the optimal method for your specific home or property, our experienced team is readily available to provide expert guidance.

When you choose us you're choosing a partner dedicated to delivering exceptional stump removal results tailored to your unique needs.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Incorrect or untimely tree trimming and pruning can cause more damage than good. The experts from Tree Services US are knowledgeable in tree care and can assess exactly what your trees need to stay healthy and looking great.

Land Clearing

We offer expert land clearing services to unveil the full potential of your property. Our efficient process involves assessment, vegetation removal, debris management, grading, and site preparation. With years of expertise, cutting-edge equipment, safety focus, tailored solutions, and eco-conscious practices, we transform your land for construction, landscaping, or any project you have in mind.

Emergency Storm Response

After storms or disasters, your property’s exterior can be in disarray. Fallen limbs and debris pose hazards and diminish visual appeal. Call on us for 24/7 emergency tree removal. 

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