How To Prevent Property Damage During Tree Removal

Taking down a tree in a residential area comes with the risk of unintended property damage if proper precautions are not taken. From fencing and vehicles to home siding and roofs, a falling tree can wreak havoc on your belongings. Follow these tips to prevent unnecessary property damage when having a tree removed.

Conduct Thorough Inspection

Prior to tree removal, the arborist should walk the property and note any areas of concern. Check for any weak structures, debris piles, or valuables that could be crushed by falling limbs. Have vehicles moved away from work zones.

Communicate the Plan

The tree service should provide a clear removal plan detailing exactly how each part of the tree will be dismantled and lowered safely to the ground. All crew members should understand proper procedures.

Protect Structures

Any buildings, fences or other fixed structures near the removal area should be covered and protected. Padding wrap, plywood, or protective panels are commonly used to prevent incidental scrape damage and dents.

Rope Off Danger Zones

Sections of the yard at highest risk for falling debris need to be cordoned off with cones, caution tape, temporary fencing or warning signs. Prevent access until crews have cleared these zones.

Mind Site Specific Hazards

Look for any power lines, telephone cables, roof overhangs or chimneys in the path of work. Have lines de-energized if needed. Use extra caution near hazards.

Carefully Direct Fall of Debris

A skilled climber will methodically tie off limbs while safely controlling each segment as it is lowered. Never allow chunks or logs to free fall haphazardly onto property below.

Clean Up Promptly

All debris should be promptly chopped and removed from the site. Rake thoroughly to pick up small sticks. Check for any incidental damage that may have occurred to make repairs.

Choose Your Contractor Wisely

Work only with insured tree services that make property protection a priority. Beware of “low bid” removal offers that may lack experience and adequate insurance.

Tree removal presents risks that require planning and care to avoid. But you can rest assured that property damage can be prevented with the right contractor. Visit our Tree Service Directory to find reputable tree removal professionals in your area.

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