Essential Safety Measures For Tree Removal

Removing a tree, especially a large tree, is an inherently dangerous job that requires proper safety precautions. When a tree is taken down improperly, there is significant risk of property damage, injury, or even death. Follow these essential safety measures when having a tree removed from your property.

Hire Professional Help

Tree removal is best left to qualified professionals like certified arborists. Proper tree cutting requires specialized equipment and expertise. The tree service should have all necessary licenses and insurance. Their team will have the training to safely manage takedowns of any tree size.

Ask for Safety Plan

A reputable tree company will provide you with their safety plan for the removal prior to starting work. This should detail how they rope off and secure the area, where equipment will be placed, and how branches will be lowered. If they cannot provide a plan, consider another service.

Ensure Personal Protective Equipment

Climbers and crew on the ground should all wear hard hats, protective eyewear, hearing protection, high-visibility clothing, steel-toe boots and gloves at a minimum. If this gear is not being utilized, it signals shortcuts in safety protocols.

Check Equipment

The service should have a professional grade chainsaw suitable for the job. Look for safety features like chain brakes and front hand guard. A certified arborist will inspect all ropes, harnesses and other equipment before each use. Don’t allow use of frayed, damaged or outdated gear.

Rope Off Work Zone

The tree service should completely cordon off the area to prevent unauthorized access. This includes using cones, warning tape/ribbon and warning signs depending on road or sidewalk location. Verify traffic control meets local regulations.

Mind Overhead Hazards

Crews should look up and assess what may be overhead both on-site and adjacent to the property before starting. Power lines require extra precautions. Have utilities marked ahead if needed.

Control Fall of Debris

Debris should be directed away from houses, vehicles or other valuables. Climbers must use ropes and equipment to carefully lower cut branches. Don’t allow chunking down of logs.

Clean Up Completely

The crew should remove all wood debris or stumps, repair any incidental property damage and clean the area well. Never permit shortcuts in site clean-up. Safety persists through job completion.

Tree removal done professionally following safe procedures, prevents injuries and expensive damages. Verify your tree company prioritizes safety above all else. Use our Tree Service Directory to get connected to fully insured, licensed pros focused on safe removals.

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